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Crystal Garza
Hi! My name is Crystal Garza. I’m a senior at AHS, and this will be my third year writing for the SPUD. I’m the oldest daughter of Richard and Oneyda Garza. I have one younger sister, Jessyca, who is a sophomore at the high school.

My favorite school activity that I do is cheerleading. This year will be my fourth year cheering for the bulldogs. This year I'm cheer captain along with Maycee who is also a staff writer. I am anxious to see what this last season holds for me this year! In my free time I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. I would consider myself a very selfless person overall, as well as an introvert; however, I’m also a very passionate person, I love all that I do.

After high school, I plan to attend CSC to start my education into Physical Therapy. I’m excited to create new memories and experiences this year writing for the SPUD!

Crystal Garza, Editor

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Crystal Garza