Senior Side During the Holidays


Crystal Garza, Editor

So, it’s finally December, which is actually crazy because that means it’s almost the end of the first semester of my Senior year. I think it has gone by way too fast. November came and went too fast and now it’s already Christmas. During the holidays I usually stop and think of everything I am grateful for and a few of those things include my parents, my sister, and my friends. Right now I’m surrounded with all of the people I love during the holiday season, but thinking about a year from now, the environment will definitely not be the same. 

Senior year has definitely been an eye opener. It’s taught me that life is too precious and too short not to live it to the fullest. I think the toughest part of it all is thinking towards the future. I do not know what the future has in store for me or what lies within it, but I know that the people that I’ve been surrounded with all through high school I want to forever be surrounded with. A few days ago I caught myself scrolling through the media like always, of course, and came across a video that certainly pulled on my heart strings. The video mainly explained that there are moments in life that you experience, and when you are part of that moment you realize how much you are going to miss it. I feel like that has literally been what has consumed me everyday as I interact with my close friends and classmates. 

Division is bound to happen, and people always have plans for themselves. Every classmate has a sort of awareness of what they are looking in the future. The future is so unpredictable, but to most students, especially seniors right now, we are grinding to get where we want and unfortunately this means living six hours away from your best friends.

I think back to old memories during the holidays with my friends and then think of how hard it is looking back at it now. I never really appreciated the moments while they lasted, but during this holiday season I hope to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible, because this is the last year it will ever be like this. This is the last holiday season us seniors will ever be surrounded with this group of people.