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  • Welcome back, Alliance High School students!

  • Good luck to the football boys this coming season!

  • Good luck to the volleyball girls this coming season!

  • If planning to see a college rep, see Ms. Dunn before hand to receive a pass!

Welcome back to the SPUD! This month there is a lot going on and everybody is busy living life to its...

Upcoming Music: May 2017

It is the beginning of May and students everywhere are bouncing in their seats anticipating the end of...

Upcoming Music: April 2017

The rainy month is here and the earth is getting greener with the coming of spring. Music lovers are...

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Upcoming Movies: September 2017

September. School is in session, the air is cooling down, and fall horror movies are in season. It’s ge...

13 Reasons Why and 14 Reasons Why Not

13 Reasons Why has been the talk for some time now. This show that was originally a book. 13 Reasons W...

Upcoming Movies: May 2017

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes an array of movies. Summer is known to bring severa...

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The News Site of Alliance High School.