• Semester 1 ends on December 20
  • Thanksgiving break is from November 27- December 1
  • Winter sports seasons have now started
  • One Act Districts is December 6

2019-2020 Staff

Thalia Gonzalez


Hey guys! I’m Thalia Gonzalez. This is my third year writing for the SPUD and my first year as Co-Editor-in-Chief! I am the only child of Tony Gonzalez, but as of September 4, 2017, I am the eldest child of Valerie Knepp, as my b...

Morgan Moomey

Staff Writer

Hey guys! My name is Morgan Moomey. I am a sophomore at AHS, and this is my first year writing for the SPUD. I am the 15 year old daughter of Jeff and Nichole Moomey. My younger brother, Matthew, is an eighth grader this year. ...

Jessyca Garza

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Jessyca Garza. I am a sophomore at AHS, and this will be my first year writing for the SPUD. I’m the youngest daughter of Oneyda and Richard Garza. I also have one older sister, Crystal, who is a senior editor...

Shelbee Burke

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Shelbee Burke, a sophomore at AHS. This is my first year writing for the SPUD. I am the 15 year old daughter of Tom and Gail Burke. I am very active in FBLA and FCCLA as the secretary of both. I play volleyball, bas...

Kelsey Horton

Staff Writer

Hey everybody! My name is Kelsey Horton, I am a junior at Alliance High School. I am the 17 year old daughter of Lyle and Kate Horton. My older brother, Dylan, is in his second year at the United States Naval Academy. This is m...

Violeta Roca

staff writer

Heyy! My name is Violeta, I am an exchange student from Spain. My host family is Lisa and Chance Splattstoesser. I like being here and have a new experience and meet new friends and a new culture. In Spain I played field hoc...

Lara Rieger

staff writer

Hey there! My name is Lara Rieger and I am a foreign exchange student from Germany. My host parents are Holly and Ronald Westemeier and I have a little host sister named Willa. I really love everything I have experienced so far and I...

Evelyn Robertson

Staff Editor

Hellooo there, Evelyn Irene Robertson writing in, bringing you the truth! The thoroughly edited truth. I am a senior this year despite the claims otherwise. Long hair, does care. 4-H was my main focus until I came here in midd...

Yaasmyn Rodriguez

Staff writer

Hi! I’m Yaasmyn Rodriguez. I’m 15, a sophomore in Alliance. My parents are Angelica and Jaime Rodriguez. This is my 1st year writing for The SPUD, and I’m really excited to continue writing for the SPUD. I love reading...

Maycee Quick


Hello, I am Maycee! I am a senior at Alliance High School, and this is my second year writing for the Spud! I am the daughter of Tara and Deon Quick. I have three older brothers, and a nephew named Kendrick. I am a Captain fo...

Margaret Hoff


Hello readers, my name is Margaret Hoff and this is my third and final year writing for the Spud. This year, as a Senior, I have been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Cheif. As a senior, I will have the privilege of writing for the Se...

Crystal Garza


Hi! My name is Crystal Garza. I’m a senior at AHS, and this will be my third year writing for the SPUD. I’m the oldest daughter of Richard and Oneyda Garza. I have one younger sister, Jessyca, who is a sophomore at the high ...

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