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2017-2018 Staff

Allexis Rolstad

Staff Writer

Hey!  I’m Allexis Rolstad and this is my second year at Alliance High School. I really enjoy being apart of extracurricular activities such as playing tennis, playing euphonium in band and acting in one act. This year I plan...

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Ashley Adamson

Staff Writer

Hey people, my name is Ashley Adamson and it’s my second year here in AHS. I’m the daughter of Jamie Adamson and I have two brothers; Dakota and Dawson. My big brother Dakota has recently joined the Army and it’s been hard ...

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Mareesa Buskirk

Staff Writer

Hey! I’m Mareesa Buskirk. I am currently a sophomore at Alliance High School. This is my first year being in Journalism, and  am extremely excited for the year to come! I am the oldest daughter of Brittany and Nate Stull, an...

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Khloe Felker

Staff Writer

Hi everybody! I’m Khloe Felker. I’m a sophomore here at AHS and this is my first year writing for the SPUD. I am the 15 year old daughter of Michelle and Dirk Felker. I have a 19 year old sister, Kami, and a 21 year old brothe...

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Zachary Placek

Staff Writer

Hey, I’m Zachary Placek. I am the son of John and Lynn Placek. My only sister, Nicole Placek, is attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney for her second year. This is my first year writing for the SPUD. I am a junior he...

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Margaret Hoff

Staff Writer

Hello. My name is Margaret Hoff, but I usually go by Magi. I am the middle child of Timm and Susan Hoff. I have an older sister, Autumn, and a younger brother, Henry. This is my first year writing for the SPUD, and my second year ...

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Crystal Garza

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Crystal Garza. I am a sophomore at AHS. This is my first year writing for the SPUD. I am the daughter of Richard and Oneyda Garza. My younger sister, Jessyca,  is an eighth grader at the Middle School. I am inv...

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Taylor Manion

Staff Writer

Hi! I am Taylor Manion. I am a sophomore at Alliance High School. I am the daughter of Meagan and Klete Shrewsbury and Boone and Jessica Manion. I have two little brothers: Kash, who is 9 years old, and Tripp, who is 5 years old....

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Thalia Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Thalia Gonzalez. This will be my first year writing for the SPUD. I am a sophomore here at Alliance High School. I am the only child of Tony Gonzalez, but as of September 4, 2017, I am the eldest child of Valerie Kn...

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Aubrie Lawrence

Junior Website Editor

Hi! I’m Aubrie Lawrence. This is my second year writing for the SPUD. I am a junior here at AHS, and I am the Junior Website Editor for the SPUD. I am the oldest daughter of Heath and Shannon Lawrence and the sister of Rile...

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Sharia Williamson

Senior Editor

Hey! My name is Sharia Williamson. I am a seventeen year old student here at Alliance High School, and the senior editor, for the SPUD. After I graduate high school, I plan to attend the University of Lincoln Nebraska for m...

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Safyre Yearling


Hey Spud buds! My name is Safyre Yearling! I am the 17 year old daughter of the late Amanda Preiss and Lance, and my amazing mother figure, Mandy. I am the oldest of three blood siblings: Jordyn, Izaiha, and Kyson; however, I h...

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Autumn Hoff


Hi! My name is Autumn Hoff. I am a senior, here at AHS. This will be my third, and final year writing for the SPUD. I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief with Safyre Yearling. This year I will be writing for “The Senior Side”, as w...

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