Alliance High School’s YouTubers

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Alliance High School’s YouTubers

Crystal Garza, Staff Writer

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YouTube has become a big part of social media. Some even have become famous off of it. Social media influencers have taken the world by storm and sometimes are even more well known than any other record label produced artist.

Youtubers have taken the Internet and created it into something much bigger than a place to find information. YouTube is a big platform for any sort of content you want to put out in the world. Youtubers content ranges from beauty, vlogging, DIY’s, comedy, reviews, gaming, and much more. Some students at Alliance high have chosen to participate in this YouTube world, and personally I think it’s super cool and creative what they put out on social media.

Vicky Garza, a sophomore, was asked about her YouTube channel and why she created it “I always would watch girls on YouTube do morning routines and make up tutorials and it genuinely fascinated me, so I said ‘what the heck’ and started one.” She said that she mostly uploaded makeup videos and daily vlogs; however, now she says she wants to venture into doing other videos. She uploads once every 2 weeks. Vicky later explained that she thinks it’s great that people are able to be themselves on the Internet through YouTube videos.

Aubrey Garrett, a junior, had a few things to say about her experience in the YouTube community. She mentioned that she started her YouTube channel on August 27, 2016. When asked about what kind of videos she uploads she stated that she does “original music videos but I’m thinking of starting to do covers as well.” She says she doesn’t upload as often as she could but a couple months ago she had an upload frenzy. “It’s a cool way to find talent, because otherwise there’s not a lot of other public ways for it to be found,” Aubrey states. It’s a very easy accessible way to make any videos public.

Kysen Harris, a junior, is another student at AHS with an upcoming YouTube channel. He recently just started it with senior, McClain Adamson. Kysen says that they started the channel “just to look back when we are older and see some of the things we used to do in high school.” He explains that they will try to upload maybe once or twice a week and just try to stay as consistent as possible. Afterall, YouTube is all about consistency.

YouTube could even be a job for those who are really popular in this community. Kysen says that “they make money for just being them.” It’s definitely undeniable that just being yourself and making money out of it would probably be the coolest job. PewDiePie, Colleen Ballinger, and The ACE family, are just a few youtubers who make a living off of being themselves and creating great content.

YouTube is a great way for anyone and everyone to share their creativeness, put ideas out to the media, create content, and even earn money from it. So, if you have any interest at all in just being yourself and creating a new hobby that you are truly passionate about, look into starting a YouTube channel! No matter who you are, anything you create is accepted, and so greatly respected. Keep an eye out for your up and coming youtubers at your own high school!

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