And Now I’m a Senior


Brady Ellis

Crystal Garza, Editor

So, senior year has begun, which is actually crazy to me. When I was a freshman, upperclassman always told me high school would go by so fast, but I never really believed them. I always thought high school would go by so slow and that I’d want to get out of here fast. Now however, I’m wondering where all the time went. When I say it goes fast, it goes so fast. 

Junior year was super hard, and I was kind of over it after it was finished. Summer definitely was needed and gave me a break from all the stress that came with Junior year. Senior year has definitely been a breeze so far, especially with open periods and cadet periods. I am taking one college class, which has been pretty easy so far. It’s interesting having a class off campus, which gives me an insight on what college would look like after high school. I think now that it’s senior year, it’s really hitting me that in one year from now I won’t be surrounded by the same people I’ve been surrounded by for 13 years. It’s crazy to think we’ll all have to go our separate ways and figure out “adulting” without each other. 

My class has always been a pretty close; we all get along very well. From what other classes have said, my class really does have a close bond. Most of us have grown up together, and we’re always there when we need each other. I don’t think I can imagine myself building new friendships like the ones I have with my classmates now, in college. It’s definitely hard for me, knowing that I’ll have to adjust to a different lifestyle in a year from now. I, unlike most people, really do love where I am and will forever miss high school. High school has definitely shaped me into the person I am. It’s taught me a lot about life and relationships. It’s easy to say that I’ve built friendships that will last a lifetime and far beyond. 

Right now, I want to focus on enjoying the final days of my highschool career, while at the same time preparing for what the future has to hold. I tend to overthink things a lot, and hope that the rest of senior year is smooth sailing.