Upcoming Music: February 2019

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Upcoming Music: February 2019

Crystal Garza, Staff Writer

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It’s the month of February and that means new music! February is all about finding new love and you could find that in music. So, if you are looking for anything to listen to for hours on end, here are some of the up and coming new music for the month. With new music from artists like Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, and Julia Jacklin and many more, you won’t be disappointed.

Ariana Grande: thank u, next

Ariana Grande has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time. She started singing when she was very little and in her teenage years she began singing on broadway. She grew even bigger when she had her big break on the hit nickelodeon show Victorious. After Victorious, she came out with her first album entitled “Yours Truly.” Her new album entitled “thank u, next,” which is set to release on February 8, will include songs such as “7 Rings,” “thank u, next,” and “Imagine.” In this new album she emphasizes pop music with R&B influences. Ariana was named billboard’s “woman of the year” for 2018, which makes her one of the biggest recording artists of all time. She has achieved so many things, and she is definitely not going to disappoint this go round.

Avril Lavigne: Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne first came onto the music scene in 2002 with her first studio recorded album entitled “Let Go.” Her tone was definitely, as many critics would say, “Pop Punk.” She was from then on known as an artist who emphasized punk in most of her music. Her break through single was entitled “Complicated,” which went number one all over the world. She is also well known for her hit single “Girlfriend.” Her new album entitled “Head Above Water,” is set to release February 15. Her last album was released in 2013, so,  some of her die hard fans have long awaited this album’s release. Avril is sure to reach nothing but success with this new album.

Julia Jacklin: Crushing

Julia Jacklin was raised in Australia. At just age 10 she discovered that she wanted to be just like other recording artists. She gained the attention of the media, with her hit singles “Coming of Age,” and “Pool Party.” She has played headline gigs, and has been touring since 2016. Her album “Don’t Let the Kids Win,” was released October of 2016 and was even reviewed by Australia Rolling Stones. Her album entitled “Crushing,” is set to release on February 22, and it will includes songs such as “Comfort,” “Pressure to Party,” and “Good Guy.” Julia Jacklin is a rising star and may just rise to the very top with this new album.  

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