2019 NHS Induction Ceremony

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2019 NHS Induction Ceremony

Crystal Garza, Staff Writer

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The National Honor Society induction ceremony was held on March 25 at 7 p.m. The program consists of 20 current members and 26 newly inducted members. The application process began back in January and all of the applications were submitted by February 15. On March 19, all inducted applicants received their letter of acceptance.

The induction ceremony started off with current president, Rachel Baker, welcoming all of the audience. The mic was then handed off to, the Secretary,  Lulu Acosta, who provided a brief history on National Honor Society and why it is a valuable society to the school system and how it is very honorable to students. Vice-President, Jensen Curtiss, then gave a brief history about the Newberry-Pate Chapter of NHS and how it all came to be.

National Honor Society highlights many different values. These values include: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. Diana Acosta presented Scholarship by presenting a candle to the front of the stage, Sydnie Waldron presented the Service candle, Aubrie Lawrence presented Leadership, and Madison Korte presented Character. All of these qualities are an essential part of National Honor Society members. During the ceremony, new members and current members were asked to recite a pledge which asked for their commitment and allegiance to the National Honor Society. Pins and certificates were then given out to the newly inducted members. Current members then received a gold cord, while new senor inductees received both pins, certificates and a cord. These cords are to be worn at graduation.

Members of course have to oblige by the rules set by their community and promise to keep what the Society stands for on high regard. These students are the leaders of Alliance High School, and are expected to never disregard any qualities that a true National Honor Society member should have. Being part of a society like this, not only gives students a multitude of opportunities, but it also highlights all the service and leadership young people have.

These students are our future, and with a society like this, it will most definitely help to create successful futures for all students. The focus of this society is to hold students to a higher standard and to award success. National Honor Society has given many opportunities to students and has been a great society to be part of and it will continue to do the same for years to come. Congrats to all the newly inducted members.

2018-2019 New Inductees

Seniors- Katelyn Nunes, and Megan Oligmueller

Juniors- Madison Adam, Joel Baker, Brock Brass, Khloe Felker, Erik Folchert, Aubrey Garrett, Crystal Garza, Orfelinda Gomez, Thalia Gonzalez, Harley Hill, Margaret Hoff, Mya Johnson, Taylor Manion, Colter Mann, Isabella Middleton, Charles Otto, Lillian Otto, Maycee Quick, Brionna Schafer, Collin Schrawyer, Jewelia Taylor, Shanna Weaver, Payton Weber, and Cameron Wood.

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