Boy’s Tennis Recap


With the winter season coming up, fall sports have come to an end. One of the sports that has ended is boy’s tennis. For this article, I have interviewed Bryson Darveau, Tory Picket Pin, Carver Hauptman and Kysen Walker. 

Carver Hauptman, a sophomore, has been playing for two years. He says the season went pretty well. Personally, he did a lot better than he did last year. Hauptman states, “As a team, we did pretty good for as few players as we have and as young as this team is.” His favorite thing about tennis is the feeling he gets when he hits a good shot. He also loves the friendships that are created with the team players. Hauptman is planning on playing next year, and is very excited to see how him and his teammates will improve!

Kysen Walker, a sophomore, is in his second year of playing, as well. He plays tennis because it is fun to play and to make friends. He says this year could have been better, but there is always next year.

Tory Picket Pin is a junior this year. He has been on the boy’s tennis team for two years. He believes that this season went well because the boys showed a lot of growth from last season. When asked about what his favorite thing about tennis is, Picket Pin responded, “My favorite thing about playing tennis is of course my doubles partner, Kysen Walker, and mostly just the competition that our district brings to the table.” Picket Pin will be on the team again next season!

Bryson Darveau is a senior this year. He has been playing tennis since his freshman year. Darveau believes the season could have been better, but it was still fun. His favorite part of playing tennis is “hitting shots [that] your opponent can’t get to.” Darveau enjoyed his four years on being on the boy’s tennis team and has most definitely left his mark!

Good job to the boys on the tennis team with their season. There may only be one senior leaving, but he will be missed. We will see the other members from the tennis team next season out on the court!