AHS Clubs Helping With Their Students’ Futures!


Katelyn Heisler, Staff Writer

On November 11, 2022, Alliance High School’s FFA students went to a leadership/career conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Fellow member, Sutten Parkison stated that it was “Interesting and Informative.” During the conference they  went to different “sessions” and in each were different speakers. It is very important for highschool students to, at the bare minimum, gather an idea of possible careers and goals that are available and what it takes to obtain said goals. FCCLA even stated that at their conference, on November 2, 2022, they, too, discussed careers, job applications, and college applications. AHS is proud of these students gathering so much information and helpful tips/ advice that will help them in the very soon future. We cannot wait to see what these bright and intelligent students will do after graduation!