A Burning Shame


Jessyca Garza, Staff Writer

The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. It is home to over 30 million people and plays a crucial role to the half of earth’s plants and species. Unfortunately, as many of us know, the Amazon Rainforest, the gem of all rainforests, has been experiencing immense wild fires.

The Amazon wildfires started in January 2019 and they have been ongoing ever since.  The fires have spread through Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru and started with the attempt of slash-and-burn to deforest land for agriculture. Slash-and-Burn is when farmers cut/burn down trees and plants for space to sow new seeds. Slash-and-burn can lead to problems such as deforestation, air pollution, and release carbon into the air. The Amazon that is normally dampened much of the year does not naturally burn, which worries a lot of people. People worry because the wildfires speed up climate change.  Since January 2019, the rainforest has experienced more than 74,000 fires and the numbers keep increasing due to the country’s fire season barely starting. 

Many celebrities have tried to communicate the gruesome tragedy and climate change due to the wildfires such as Jair Bolsonaro, Lil Nas X, and Cara Delevingne. Leonardo DiCaprio even pledged to donate 5 million dollars to help! There are a few ways you can help save the Amazon Rainforest. Ranchers have been clearing out land for cattle, and a way we can help is by eating less beef. Over 78% of earth’s original trees have been cut down so a way you can help is to reduce your wood and paper consumption. You can buy paper that doesn’t contain trees at all! The paper includes waste straw, hemp, and more! Reduce your oil consumption. Oil can aid in climate change. 

If we continue with our mindless actions scientists claim to believe that the world will increase two to nine degrees farenheit in the next century. Therefore, next time you make a big purchase make sure you choose what is best for the environment. You can also donate money like many celebrities did, but if you want to be a better human overall go on a walk or ride your bike and enjoy the pure nature before it’s all gone.