The Importance of Exercise


Maycee Quick, Editor

When everyone is stuck in their homes and the gyms are closed, it is hard to find the motivation to be active and workout. It is so easy to eat out of boredom, watch Netflix and take naps. Staying up late and waking up the next morning even later is something many teenagers are doing during this time. Being home should be a place where people can relax, but now it is many people’s work and school space. Finding the inspiration to be productive and active at home is hard, but necessary. One of the most important hobbies to do during this time is exercise. 

To find the motivation to workout, you should be practicing good habits. Sleeping in too late is going to start your day off badly, and no one wants that. Make sure you are going to bed and waking up at a reasonable time because sleep can be the deal breaker for your day. Second, when you wake up, make sure you are getting ready for the day. Don’t let yourself lounge around, but instead, get yourself up and be presentable. Starting your day off the right way is going to allow you to be productive and inspired. Now, why is it so important to workout during this time? 

For starters, exercise is great for your immune system. It keeps your physical state healthy, and it helps flush all the bacteria out of your system. It is vital for people to keep active in order to fight off all the sicknesses going around. Not only does exercise help your physicality, but it also helps your mentality. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins can become your best friend during this time. Of course, COVID-19 is one huge setback for many people. So many people feel disappointed, anxious and sad during this time. If you are working out, endorphins can bring your mentality back. 

When the gyms are closed, many people find that it is harder to get a good workout in. Youtube and the internet are great resources in finding good exercises. There is an array of information about at-home workouts. Every day, finding a thirty minute workout or creating your own can make all the difference. Fill up water bottles to use as dumbbells, do body weight workouts, or go for a walk or run. There are so many things you can do during this time to stay active; you just have to be creative. 

Although it is hard to find the motivation to workout in the first place, you have to remember why you should. There are so many plus sides to exercise, especially during times like these.