Community Services

There are many services in town for people who are in need of assistance. Even though there are some volunteer groups that help there are also businesses that help.

There are many different businesses that try to help people. There are places like Northwest Community Action Partnership that has many programs, one of them being Early Head Start. This program helps families with getting their children ready for school by teaching them health, social, and cognitive skills. They also have volunteer programs and community services. These services provided by CAPWN include but are not limited to aiding in emergency situations, food pantries, rental, and utility assistance. If you are in need of these services one of the ways to contact Western Community Action Partnership is through their phone number (309) 432-3393.

Western Community Health Resources has programs such as behavioral health, medical, vision, and dental. Along with individual and family services. They have a website that can give further information or you can call their phone number at (308) 762-3696 and as the site.

The Community Table in Alliance serves early childhood, youth, adults and seniors. The services that are provided here include meals that are provided to anyone in need; Monday through Thursday between 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. They do this through a drive-thru at the Masonic Center. They have a website https://panhandlepa  and a phone number at (308) 455-9175.

 There are other services that help people in town and make a difference in their lives.