Hope for the Future


Liz Johnston, Staff Writer

Recently in the commons there has been butterfly’s appearing on the walls, these butterfly’s came from a project that Mrs. Smith, an English teacher at Alliance High, has been doing. The project is called “hope for the future”, its supposed to push kids to follow there dreams and to never lose hope.

Mrs. Smiths creative writing class made butterflies and wrote encouraging words on them, there were many other butterfly’s made by the elementary and preschools in Alliance. Smith got the idea from the Origami Owl site about people putting butterflies all over the place like in city park flowerbeds, and restrooms.

The purpose of the butterfly effect is to “hope for the future”. “There is hope for you and your life no matter what you are going through” said Mrs. Smith in an interview. Smith also said, “There is someone that will listen, that will care, that will do what they can to help you.”