Sportsmanship Summit

Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 18, the Sportsman and Leadership Summit was held in the Gering Convention Center in Gering Nebraska. The convention was lead by Rob Miller, Aaron Davis, and Darin Boysen. Darin was the director of the event. Aaron is a graduate from the University of Nebraska. He was a football player for the Cornhuskers. Rob was a college basketball coach. He is now an inspirational leader who travels the country and talks to schools and associations. He is also associated with lots of professional and college sports teams. The event went from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

They talked about positivity and success. Aaron and Rob lectured where success comes from. They taught the twenty schools in attendance how to come up with their pillars of success, and gave examples of sportsmanship. The Alliance High School students pillars were respect through integrity, and to lead by example by building a positive tradition for our generation and for the ones to come.