What’s Missing


Kelsey Horton, Senior Editor

Now that it is March, I am left thinking about all of the lasts that are approaching within the next two months. As I have been going through pictures that I plan to put up at my graduation party, I reminisce on the memories that have been made in the past years. Some of my favorite pictures that I have found are the ones that I have taken with my grandma. My all-time favorite picture that I have taken with her is one of us at my 8th grade graduation, and I remember hoping to be able to recreate it at my graduation party this year.

Unfortunately, during homecoming week of my freshman year, my grandma passed away. Knowing that she will not be able to be there with me on the day of my graduation is sad, and it makes it hard to see pictures of her with my cousins as they graduated high school and college, knowing that I will not be able to recreate that hug holding my diploma. In addition to that, my grandpa passed away before I was born, so I will not be able to have any pictures or memories to be made with my grandparents at my graduation. 

My grandma was my best friend and she inspired me in many ways. She taught me how to do cross-stitching and embroidery when I was younger, and these are both things that I still enjoy today. She was a charge nurse and mother of six children- she showed me that anything was possible as long as I work hard and never give up. She inspired me to study hard to become a nurse, and I would do anything for her to be with me on my graduation day.
Knowing that I will not have any grandparents with me on one of the most important days of my life is actually pretty heartbreaking, but I know that with the rest of my family supporting me, it will all be okay. I have been extremely lucky to grow up with such a supportive family that was able to take pictures during all of my events so that I am able to look back on the memories.