Growing Up


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

It is finally my graduation year. This brings up many different emotions for me that have just recently appeared. My eighteenth birthday just passed and this started to make me think a lot more about growing up. Being 18 is something most people look forward to because at this age we are “adults.” 

In four short months I will no longer be a high school student and college will be right around the corner. Many people that are in college or have gone to college tell me that it is one of the best experiences they have ever had, and that they have met so many lifelong friends from college. However, this does not stop me from falling into a hole of overthinking. What if I make no friends? What if I do not like it there? What if me and my roommate do not get along? What if I decide that I do not like my major? 

College is definitely not for everyone, but I really hope that it is for me. I enjoy learning and especially learning about something I hope to do for the rest of my life. Taking classes that include my future career sounds much more intriguing than some high school classes we have to take in order to graduate. Do not get me wrong, high school has been a good time and I am sure I will miss it at some points, but some things about college makes me think it will be an overall good experience. 

Clearly, I have very mixed emotions about college and I am sure everyone has these emotions before they go off into the world of college. Going to college is nerve wracking because it is the first time that most people go off on their own to live and experience life. While in high school, we still live with our parents and still have rules, of course, but after we leave, what do we do then? In a way, I will be living on my own and that is worrisome because now my home will not be the same home I always have called home.