Senior Farewell


Shelbee Burke, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Writing for the Spud for the past three years is truly an experience that I will never forget: From my first year as a staff writer, last year as a web editor who was very unqualified, to this year as Co-Editor-and-Chief, the position I have been dreaming of having since sophomore year.

Journalism has allowed me to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. I have made some of my best memories in journalism. It showed me how to write better and inspired me to try sports photography, which I grew to love. Overall, journalism has given me so many opportunities. 

My sophomore year, I was able to take pictures at the State Basketball tournament in Lincoln at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. This was a phenomenal experience and truly kickstarted my love for photography. From that point on, I took pictures at as many sports events for the next two years. This was a great opportunity for me to get involved and be an active part of journalism and the Spud.

Also my sophomore year, I qualified for State Journalism in two events. Due to Covid, I was unable to actually travel to compete. I received 5th place in the In-Depth Writing event. I also earned 8th place in Sports Feature writing. This is one of my greatest accomplishments that I will never forget.

My first year, I was so scared to join this class, but I eventually became so close with all of the people and they ended up teaching me so much more than I could have ever imagined. Mrs. Digmann cultivated a love of journalism for me that inspired me to push myself to write quality stories. The next two years there were new teachers for the class, but both of these teachers continued this for me. Although Covid and other factors did not allow me to have the same experiences junior and senior year that I had sophomore year, I still had a fun time with all that happened.

Journalism was one of my favorite classes and allowed me to make new friends and memories. It put me in leadership roles and it has helped me to become the person and writer I am today.