Christmas food in Spain


Violeta Roca, Staff writer

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year for almost everyone. But, is this holiday celebrated the same way everywhere? Does everyone have the same traditions?

In Spain, Christmas starts the evening of the 24th with Christmas Eve. This is when people have dinner with their families. Usually, they eat any type of shellfish, like prawn or crayfish. This day is the most important day of Christmas festivities in Spain.

However, in Catalonia, the most important day is the 25th and the day after. During the 25th all the families have a big lunch together. The tradition is eating “escudella I carn d’olla”. This is a type of pasta filled with meat and cooked it in a specific way.

The most traditional food that day are the desserts. Everyone eats “neules” and “torrons”. Neulas are a crispy, thin and light desert, rolled into hollow tubes. Torrons are a sweet desert, and are usually made with almonds, honey, and egg white; however there are a lot of different flavors.

December 26th is Sant Esteve Day. Sant Esteve, meaning Saint Steve in English, is the day after Christmas. This day is traditionally for meeting with your family and eating cannelloni for lunch. The tradition said that people made the cannelloni with the leftovers of the day before, the Christmas lunch.