Crowning Royalty


It is that time of year again at Alliance High School…Homecoming!! One of the most exciting parts of Homecoming Week is the Coronation ceremony. This year’s Coronation took place on October 11, 2021. 

The ceremony began at 7 pm with the Cross Country senior night taking place. Following that, they announced all of the candidates for the Coronation. Once all of the candidates were announced and seated, the cheerleaders and band performed for the massive audience that had shown up to watch this special night. Once they were done, it was the time that everyone in the gym had been waiting for. The candidates were about to be announced!

Each year, all of the classes – freshman through senior – vote for a girl and boy student in their own class who they want to be an attendant. Once the office goes through and narrows it down to three girls and three boys in the freshman through junior class, and five girls and five boys in the senior class, they send out a ballot. Each class is allowed to vote for their own class and they are also allowed to vote for which seniors they want to be crowned Homecoming Queen and King. 

During the announcing of the students, Chloe Mann and Simmi Kaur read off some questions that the nominees were sent. The freshmen who had won were Josie Sanders and Joseph Steele. The sophomores that won were Regan Braun and Trevonne Knaub. The juniors that had gotten the most votes were Kenna Montes and Carver Hauptman. Finally, it was the senior’s turn to be announced. The students who won second attendants were Brooklyn Branstiter and Mats Albrecht. The seniors that won first attendant were Riley Lawrence and Jayden McCracken. The seniors who were crowned Homecoming Queen and King were Shelbee Burke and Zane Stoike. 

All of these students were very deserving of winning, and all of AHS is proud of these students! The SPUD congratulates these students and wishes, not only the winning students but all of AHS an amazing rest of the Homecoming Week and an amazing time at the dance!