FBLA Goes Green


Chloe Mann, Staff Writer

FBLA Goes Green

There are many clubs and activities here at AHS. This year, because of COVID-19, there are fewer projects and events that these clubs can take part in. Alliance FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is no exception, but they are doing what they can to help change the world for the better. 

This year, state FBLA has been moved online to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is an event that most members look forward to every year. They do many things to prepare for this event such as studying for tests, group projects, and ribbon projects. Ribbon Projects are projects that help change the world for the better. Alliance FBLA is taking part in nine ribbon projects this year. For each project you complete, you get a ribbon at state, which the members of FBLA call “business clout.” These projects are a great way to help the community and to have fun with other members of FBLA. 

One ribbon project that stands out among the others is called “Go Green.” This project is focused on bonding the community to create a green, environmentally friendly space. The leader of this project is Sophmore, Simmi Kaur. This is her second year in FBLA, and her favorite thing is, “Getting to meet new people.” Being such a young student in charge of such a big project may be a challenge, but Kaur has been doing a great job leading this project. When asked what her biggest challenge is she replied, “My biggest challenge has been trying to figure out when to plan things. But it’s definitely been a fun learning experience.” Kaur has been working very hard to get this project done, and is almost finished. She says, “I hope to finish all our projects with Go Green, and I hope to get all of our go green members involved.” Kaur has shown excellent leadership throughout this project, and I’m sure she will continue to do so throughout her high school career. 

Go Green so far has done several projects that have helped the environment and helped spread awareness about going green. Kaur describes what they have done by saying, “Some of my favorite go green projects were the poster contest, environmental promises and go Green Day!” The Go Green group held a contest at the middle school for the best “Go Green” poster. They have made environmental promises that can be found outside Mrs. Harris’s room. Members of this project also held a “Go Green Day,” as well as giving a presentation about earth day. FBLA members have also spent nights picking up trash around the school. Kaur says, “My favorite project was the poster contest. It was so fun being able to see the creativity in the posters.” Members of the Go Green ribbon project include Simmi Kaur, Courtney Cox, Carver Hauptman, Abe Gomez, Riley Lawrence, Phoenix Stitch, Evan Hadden, Julia Wilson, and Kenna Montes.

The members of the “Go Green” ribbon project are continuously doing a great job keeping our school and community clean and green. The SPUD thanks you for all your hard work and wishes you the best of luck at state.