Corona Cancellations


Kelsey Horton, Staff Writer

Just like that, the Coronavirus has hit the United States and is cancelling all sorts of activities. Everything has been cancelled from prom to state competitions, end of the year banquets, band concerts and even graduation is in jeopardy. 

I surveyed students in all grades from Alliance High School asking them about the cancellations and how it affected them. Out of the 62 responses, 58 students (93.5%) stated that something they had been looking forward to has been cancelled. Almost all of the students are upset about something being cancelled and these cancellations are affecting them in a negative way. Most students claimed they felt overworked and stressed out as they experimented with the new learning environment. Although all students seem to be missing different things, some of the most common responses included seeing their friends, spring sports, prom, state competitions and concerts.

Although these cancellations are impacting people of all ages, high school seniors are being hit extremely hard. They have already had their last day of school, and they are losing opportunities that every other senior class has gotten, including their prom, final concerts, last state competitions, and even their own graduation. Many of them feel as if they are being robbed of all of their lasts. When asked why she was upset about the cancellations, AHS senior, Brionna Schafer, replied, “I know my class, and I know how incredibly hard each individual has worked to be where they are. We have been wanting to hear our names called, and walk on that stage to receive our diploma’s since the minute we walked in. I also know that every single one of us understands the dangers of this virus, and what is happening to our world. Our last day of school already happened without us knowing. We won’t have answers, because things are changing day by day but if we deserve anything, it’s this. Walking across that stage is a reward for all of the challenges we have surpassed. High school is tough, and knowing that we made it through is all that we have wanted.” Brionna is not the only student that feels as their high school experience has been stripped from them, many students responded that they were upset because they miss their friends, are stressed out, and disappointed. 

Although it is so easy to look at the negative side of these, there is nothing that any of us could have done to prevent it. Another senior, Harley Hill was looking forward to his final track season when all of this started to happen. When asked if he was upset about the outcome, he replied, “No, sometimes you just have to make the best out of a poor situation.” We live in the age of advancing technology, and we have the ability to learn from home which is amazing. Hill also stated that, “This has put into perspective the fragility of the things that constitute daily life.”

Our lives have basically been put on hold due to this virus, what is important is that we should make the best out of it, and do our part so our lives can go back to normal.