Seasonal Sickness

Kelsey Horton, Staff Writer

As many of you have noticed, some of your classes have been feeling a little bit empty lately. It is that time of year again, Alliance High School students have been struck with influenza A or B, strep throat, bronchitis or even just a simple cold. Many classes have been given free days due to the lack of students present. At this time of year, it is very important to keep yourself healthy, especially with all of the activities coming up in the next couple of months.

Schools are dirty and there are so many different places for germs to hide. One way to help keep yourself healthy is to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. This is the easiest and most important way to stay healthy. Another way is to wipe down your desk, computer, phone or anything else that may be harboring these germs with a disinfecting wipe. Many students get flu shots, and although these are not ideal, they are a safe way to stay healthy and to stay at school. Out of approximately 460 students, 168 students missed school because they were sick the week of February 17, and even more were sick but continued to come to school. That’s approximately 37% of the AHS student body gone.

Sometimes you can take all precautions and still end up sick and out of school for a couple of days. It is hard to stay caught up on work when you are gone, but that’s the great thing about having laptops. Students can easily check Google Classroom or other websites given in classes to do makeup work. Another great thing about our school is the make-up work policy, which gives you two days to do all the make-up work for each day that you are missing school. 

There is no denying that these sicknesses are hurting people all around our school, city, state and world. The best ways to stay healthy are to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze or not share drinks with others.