The Stress of a Grad Party


Brielle Alwin, Staff Writer

Graduation is the moment seniors believe will never come fast enough. It not only means you are done with high school, but you also get to begin the next chapter of your life, whether that be college, the military, or entering the workforce. Before any of those exciting things start, you have to get through your graduation party.
Graduation parties are where you get to spend time with your family and friends as they congratulate you on this amazing achievement. For your parents, it is their moment to boast about every little thing you did in the last twelve years: the awards you earned, the hand turkeys from kindergarten, middle school plays, and every single school photo. Now, this might not seem so bad, but when planning a graduation party, it is extremely stressful.
I have been putting off the discussion of my graduation party with my parents for months. In my defense, they started asking me questions the minute my sister walked across the stage last year. They keep bugging, I keep procrastinating, and I have been pretty good at it. My parents have become so flustered with me that I have been given a deadline. Yes, like the one your teacher gives you on a project. I must have every decision about my graduation made by the end of next month.
Two months might seem like plenty of time to decide on things, but when you make a list of all the things that need to be planned, no time seems long enough. Decisions have to be made about every little thing: the cake, color scheme, theme, date, time, venue, food, drinks, and the invitations. Those are just a few of the million items on my to do list.
In the last week, I have made four decisions. I have confirmed a color scheme, the venue, the drinks, and the invite list, though it will grow over the next few months. Just after these few decisions, I am over the whole idea of a party. I can not make any more decisions, nor do I want to.
I truly do believe my negative reaction to planning my party is because I am scared. Once all the decisions are made, the invites are sent out, and RSVPs are received, it means that I really am going to graduate. Going to college has always been a dream of mine, but I never thought that I was going to miss home this bad, and I haven’t even left yet. Between the stress and the fear, planning a party seems impossible.
Graduating is the biggest achievement one can accomplish, and a graduation party is the best way to celebrate. Though it is an exciting time, it is a stressful one to prepare for. Once the stress subsides, and you have your diploma in hand, a party is the perfect way to finish high school.