Hydrocraze Saving the Environment

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Hydrocraze Saving the Environment

Maycee Quick, Staff Writer

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In high school, it is important to be hydrated during the long day. Teenagers either get drinks from the water fountain, bring reusable water bottles, or bring a plastic water bottle.

Bringing a plastic water bottle is a simple way to stay hydrated. Most teenagers have a pack of water at home, so they just grab a new water bottle every morning. They don’t have to wash the water bottle, or worry about it breaking; however, since plastic water bottles are not reusable, they either end up in the recycling bin, the trash can, or on the ground. The question on whether they recycle the water bottle, throw it away, or just litter is something only they can answer. Where their plastic bottle goes may not even cross their mind as significant.

If plastic water bottles are thrown away, the plastic can have a cruel effect on the environment. Plastic is non-biodegradable, meaning that it cannot be broken down into simple organic molecules. Plastic makes soil less fertile, and it clogs our ponds, lakes, and ocean’s. Furthermore, if an animal eats plastic, they will ultimately become sick because the plastic they’ve consumed cannot be broken down.

After running a poll at Alliance High School, 58% of teens said they recycle their plastic water bottles, whereas 42% said they throw them away. However, a tremendous 77% of teens use a reusable water bottle. Which is a pretty high number. Payton Weber says that she uses a reusable water bottle to, “Save the planet!” Kyra Quick, on the other hand,  uses plastic water bottles. When asked if she threw away or recycled her plastic water bottles, Kyra said, “I throw them away in the trash because trash cans are more available than recycle bins.” Lulu Acosta can agree with that statement. She says that she throws away her plastic bottles because, “A trash can is in every classroom, while if I want to recycle the bottle, I need to find a recycling bin.” It seems as though those who throw away their plastic water bottles have the right idea in mind; they just don’t have a recycling bin near.

Reusable water bottles are becoming more popular. The Hydro Flask is a new water bottle trend that has infiltrated many high schools across the nation. The Hydro Flask is a brand name water bottle. It comes in many different colors and sizes, and it promises 24 hours of cold liquid and six hours of hot liquid.

Every high school has trends, whether it be a brand name shoe or a new backpack. High school teens tend to lean toward catchy trends. Those who own the Hydro Flask may just think of how they have a cute, useful water bottle. They may not even realize its benefits. Not only is it useful and legit, but this water bottle trend could possibly be saving the environment.

No matter what brand it is, how it looks, or how much it costs, using a reusable water bottle can help save earth as we know it. Reusable water bottles help people from littering and throwing away plastic. More recycling bins in schools and businesses can also help with the immense plastic in the environment. Surely Lulu and Kyra would recycle their bottles if they had these resources. A reduction of plastic within the environment can help our animals, land, and oceans stay clean and healthy, resulting in a nourished environment, and with a nourished environment comes a thriving world.