Emma Machado’s NCSA Journey


Katelyn Heisler, Staff Writer

Even after undergoing shoulder surgery, sophomore Emma Machado, age sixteen, has still been at it, going “beast mode” during swim. Emma has recently committed to four years of swimming in college. When asked if she had seen herself getting this far into the sport, she replied, “I have been swimming for six years, and never thought I would be this far.” She states that she is very proud of herself for her accomplishments, but also that she was indeed on the verge of quitting until she realized that college is close. “I decided to stay so I can receive scholarships and help out for college.” Speaking of, Emma mentioned that she already has sixty-one colleges looking at her profile, which is amazing! Of course, this all wouldn’t matter unless she felt supported, she stated, “I have the support of my friends and family.” Way to go Emma!