Behind The Wrestler


Caylee Loomis, Writer


    Before I begin my article I’d like to state this is my opinion, and I’m not enforcing my opinion on anyone. Let’s talk wrestling a serious sport that starts beginning of winter. A sport that everyone takes seriously in one way or another. Whether it’s the workout, the training, and the eating habits. Sitting in classes with wrestlers you begin to hear their stories, on the weight they get told they have to drop. Some stop eating, and some stick to just a water diet. What does that really do to your body?


        Your body starts to overheat and you become constipated leading to kidney stones. Even though your supplying your body with water, your body still needs nutrients to survive. Over time as you continue to not help your body stay nourished, you gain sweat weight. You may lose weight in the short run but in the long run, your body slowly starts to eat itself having your weight come back. I believe wrestling contradicts eating disorders in many ways causing many to stop eating, or lack nutrients. The good side of wrestling is that despite the players that take weight classes too far, the coaches always give a good helping hand when it comes to healthy dietary plans. The SPUD would like to wish the wrestlers a happy wrestling season!