One last time


Ella Oezen, Staff Writer

There are many last things for a senior. The last first day, the last first game, the last school picture and the last Christmas break as a high schooler are just a few. Everything is becoming a “last” during senior year. One thing that is a huge “last” for student athletes is the last home game/match. The tennis girls just had that on Monday, April 3. 

Two of the seniors this year are Kasey Jensen and Italian exchange student Giorgia Ronchetti. They are double partners and both play junior varsity and varsity. Jensen stated that her season is going really good so far. She won most of her games, but she also stated that this is not all on her . “I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support from my team, who stuck by me to cheer me on even when my game was at least an hour and thirty minutes long. They were exhausted from playing all day in the sun, and desperately wanted to get home, but they still stayed to watch my game and made me feel more confident as they cheered me on. It means so much to me.” Ronchetti stated that her season, “It is going really well. It is my first time playing competitive tennis and I am proud of how I have improved already. I look at every game as another opportunity to get better. Playing competitively is a lot of fun, especially playing doubles.” The last home game for Ronchetti was her second home game ever. She received a lot of support from the community on both of her home games.  Jensen stated that her last home game was a lot of fun but also tiring. 

“I will miss my teammates a lot. Some of them I just knew for a couple weeks but all of them became my family. I have a lot of fun during practices and games and I found so many new friends through tennis. Playing tennis was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made during my exchange year.” stated Ronchetti. Jensen stated, “I will miss all the fun I get to have with my teammates at practice and during games. I will remember all of the laughs we shared together. But I will miss Scott the most because he is always so kind and lets everyone feel included. He may pick on all of us, but I know he would do anything for any of us. His kindness is something I will never forget. I will miss the relationships I have made with my team and how we all treat each other. The senior girls this year have all improved so much, and I love to watch how far we have all come.” 

The SPUD would like to wish the tennis seniors a successful last season with a lot of fun and memories.