Summer Athletics


Thalia Gonzalez, Junior Editor

As school comes to an end, all of the students are preparing for summer. Most students would associate summer with getting to relax, sleeping in, and lake day cookouts, but there are many athletes who think differently.

Summer is the start of early morning summer weights for all athletics including Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling and Football. Summer is also the start of The First National Spartan baseball and Aftershock softball. During the last few weeks of the school year both of these teams begin practicing after school everyday to prepare for their games. This can be stressful because the last few weeks of school is when all the finals start to roll in, and when you have practice it means even less time for studying.

Summer athletics is not the only thing these students have to worry about though, many also have jobs they must take into consideration. Trying to work your schedule around practice, games, and work can be very difficult and takes a lot of dedication.

Aubrey Garrett, a senior Aftershock player, agrees that being a summer athlete can be a lot on one’s plate, “It gets super hectic at times, but at at the end of the day it makes us better people and keeps us busy.” This does actually help students become better because it is also teaches students better time management as well.

After the end of school, early morning weights start, more hours at work start, and both of these teams begin traveling every weekend. I know that personally, as an Aftershock player, this can get frustrating. It takes a lot of commitment, because you are constantly busy and you don’t have much time for hanging out. Of course, you can always find time, but summer is also about relaxing and this is often difficult. Right after weights, I head straight for practice and then straight to work, by the time I am done with work, I am exhausted. Going to bed is usually the first thing I think of, not hanging out with friends.

Although at times things can get overwhelming, being a summer athlete is one of the best decisions I have made. Playing a sport with other people that are just as determined is one of the best feelings an athlete can have.