Senior Spotlight: Karly Wangler


Kelsey Horton, Senior Editor

Karly Wangler is the daughter of Tim and Jeralee Wangler. She is involved in FCCLA, Journalism, KEY Club, and Track. When asked her favorite high school memory, she replied, “My favorite high school memory would have to be all of the high school sports games that I have attended or participated in. The amount of energy you can feel in the gym or stadium is insane. You have all of your friends around you and everyone is so energetic screaming out cheers and hyping up the players to win. The end is the best part of all, because you get to share that same exact excited and cheerful feeling as everyone else who is on the court or field.” Advice that she would give underclassmen is to not stress about what is going on in the school too much, but to enjoy all of it while you can because it goes faster than you think it will. After high school, Karly plans to attend Wayne State College to get her masters in Education. One fun fact about Karly is that she loves to be outdoors. Karly also stated that her favorite class is journalism because she loves writing and it is a small, close-knit class.