One Month To Go


Karly Wangler, Staff Writer

Here the seniors are in their last month of high school, and everyone is starting to get mixed emotions. We have spent twelve years of our lives anticipating this downhill slide to graduation day, and it came way too fast. Personally, it is crazy to think that we seniors will never set foot in this high school to go to class ever again. It leaves an ache in my chest just thinking about it, but I also have this amazing sensation of freedom building up inside of me as well. I believe all seniors think they already know who they are as a person, but it is just the beginning. Leaving high school, we will all be starting on a new journey, one where we can really find who we are.

We are all splitting our different ways. Some students are going on to study further at college. Others are going into the workforce. A couple are joining the armed forces, and others are simply moving or traveling the world. Even though we all may be going to different places and beginning different journeys, I know for a fact we are all having the same nervous feelings. Alliance is our home and we have spent a majority of our lives protected behind the walls of the public schools here, and now we have to live in the “real world”. Many emotions come along with this, especially being teenagers.

What most of us do not think about is the benefits of moving away and starting new lives. Experiencing the ups and downs that life will bring to us will make us stronger human beings. I am sure half of us will call our parents panicking, because we have never really had to deal with “adult” things before. I know I will, but we will all persevere through it. 

It is hard to think that we will no longer be seeing each other’s beautiful faces in the hallway every day. It is even harder to think that we probably will not see over half of our class at all in the future. Hopefully, everyone will show up for our class reunions! Needless to say, it is a very nerve-wracking experience, but we will all flourish from this experience. I cannot wait to spend graduation day with each and every one of the seniors that I have grown up with.