A Different Ending


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

This year has taken a drastic turn for everyone. Most people had high hopes for this new year, especially the seniors. This year was supposed to be the best year of high school yet. We were supposed to have all of our lasts and finally graduate, but all of a sudden all the plans we had prepared for were gone. 

On March 13, 2020, I never would have guessed that I could possibly be seeing everyone I grew up with for 12 years for the last time. Since this date, we have been continuing our education, but in a different way. Every class has moved to an online version and some even have videos with their class in order to make sure we are understanding what is going on. It is certainly a big change to be at home all day instead of at school, but the teachers and staff are doing what they can to make sure that each grade stays on track. 

Many seniors are devastated over losing the last couple of months of their senior year, but honestly, I am not one that feels that this year has been robbed from me. What is going on in the world is so much bigger than just us, if doing classes from home will help make the Earth and the people around me healthier then that is exactly what I think we should do. Being a person that does not play spring sports or planned on going to prom says a lot on why it is not affecting me the way it is affecting others. This does not mean that I do not understand why people feel the way they do. Some seniors will never get to experience their last game, knowing it was their last. Some seniors will never get to experience prom because they did not go last year. Graduation is still up in the air and that is the day each and every one of us have been looking forward to. 

High school has shown and taught me many things, but one thing high school has taught me is that no matter how hard it gets, you never give up. Online classes may be a total pain and they may bring much more stress than being in the classroom, but we are all going through the same thing. We are not alone in this, the whole world is right there with us and I think that is important to think about.