Senior Slump


Thalia Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

There are about ten more weeks left until this year’s seniors finally graduate. Grades are starting to wrack my brain, but I find myself falling into a slump. Many people call it “Senioritis” or the “senior slump.” I am not sure what people want to call it, but whatever it is, it is finally hitting me. 

I used to not understand when seniors would talk about senioritis, and all I can remember is Mrs. Digmann telling us that senioritis is not real. Well, now I am a senior in my last stretch of high school and well I think it has hit me. In the mornings I find it hard and unamusing to get up for school, which usually I am excited and ready to get the day going. I get my homework done, but sadly I have been waiting until the last minute. I have always been a “get it done now” type of person because the sooner it is done, the sooner I can forget about it. College classes are also taking a toll on me because final exams are starting to be talked about and that is quite nerve-wracking.

This slump is not only affecting my homework, but how hard I try. I am so ready to finally be done with this school year, but also so not ready. It is like this mix of emotions where everything is so much and so stressful, but I also know that I am so close to being done. So, I do not have much of an answer and honestly maybe I am just getting lazy, but I think all of my fellow seniors can say they are in a similar boat. 

Seniors, our year is almost over and it has definitely been short and straight to the point: graduation. And although many of us are feeling this “senior slump,” we just have to keep moving forward. Soon we’ll be walking across that stage shaking hands and receiving our diplomas in our caps and gowns. This is the day we have been working towards our whole lives, and sure enough we can get through just a couple more months.