Senior Farewell

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Senior Farewell

Zachary Placek, Senior Editor

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I remember feeling very excited for my first day of journalism last school year. I walked in knowing a few people, but none of them very well. That continued until it was time to go to convention in Lincoln. While there, I hung out with the girls for two days straight. I learned a lot about them that weekend, a little too much in some cases. I was, and am, the only guy in a class of girls, at first it was a laughing topic in class, then we decided to make it into something more.

I had the privilege of writing my own column my first year with the Spud, something that is generally saved for seniors; However, because I was the only guy in a class of girls, I got the chance to write content for the site that was more for comedic purposes as a journal than just news. This allowed me to grow as a writer and have a bit more fun in class, as I could now listen more freely to their sometimes borderline graphic conversations because they would be turned PG for publishing.

Basically, I have learned a lot in this class that no other class could teach me. This class comes with a lot of freedoms that I sometimes took for granted in comparison to other classes at the high school.

We have to write a couple stories each month on any topic that we choose as long as it is pertinent to school, community, or national news that people would care about reading on our site. I learned how to make writing more fun and write about topics that are interesting to me, which made an activity hated by so many students much more enjoyable to me.

Another thing I learned was how to fit in with a group of people that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to. I learned to become friends with each of my classmates in fourth period journalism these past two years. I can joke around and participate in serious conversations with a group of the opposite gender comfortably, which is something I think that a lot of guys wouldn’t be comfortable doing at all. I even went to prom with a group of eight girls this past weekend, and I had a blast.

The memories I made because of this class are memories I will cherish forever. I tried sushi, discovered new restaurants, and even saw someone drive with only one arm, which is still the coolest thing I have ever seen. I loved staying up late (sorry Digmann) and hanging out in the girl’s room just watching tv and talking for hours at state and convention.

A message to the current juniors in the Spud that are returning next year: make sure you work hard to make it to state. State is so much fun and will make your senior year so much better while giving you one less day towards the end of the year. So next year, while you are busting your butt to fight through your last year of high school, just remember that it is your final year. Make this last year, your best year in everything you do. In extracurriculars and in class, put in your best efforts to make yourself proud. I hope you have the opportunity to look back as an adult and be content with how you performed during your last year in high school.

Thank you to the AHS Spud staffs of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years, you guys are family. I love you all as my own sisters and will miss you all.