My Monthly Issue: It’s All Talk

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My Monthly Issue: It’s All Talk

Zachary Placek, Senior Editor

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Another month and another semester with these ladies. Guys, don’t let them fool you, they tend to get on us about some of the things we talk about, while they are just as bad, sometimes even worse when they’re in Digmann’s room with no other males present.

Even though it gets very uncomfortable for me sometimes, I realized that the girls usually talk about the same two things. Monthly issues of their own, and relationships.

Between covering my ears and full-body cringing at what comes out of their mouths, I have learned so much about these ladies that I did not need to know.

Why do girls talk about how sick they get every month? The conversations almost always start the same. Oh my gosh I started my… Boys couldn’t take it… Or my personal favorite: Periods suck.

I have gotten so accustomed to hearing these phrases that I automatically zone out anyone whenever they say the word “cramps.” I get it, every month you go through a lot of pain for no reason when you’re not even thinking about having a child. I know I probably would complain every month as well.

Girls also talk about relationships a lot… I’m not in class that often, but a few times when I’m there, they have talked about relationship gossip, prom, and the struggles to find a date. They talk about who broke up with whom and the current drama around school, which is always fun to listen in to, if I am going to be honest. It’s surprising how much you learn about other people through information that may or may not be accurate.

A common phrase that has been passed around throughout class lately is “Senioritis” and “Junioritis.” According to Mrs. Digmann, both terms are fake and a “bad excuse to be lazy.” I agree with that but it doesn’t stop the use of the words. The second semester just started and people throughout the school are already talking about how they can’t wait for summer and how they have “Senioritis.” Juniors are following suit, saying “‘Junioritis’ is hitting me hard right now,” which is surprising because they have a full year left.

It seems as though a lot of people enjoy school, but they just are tired. I think that this fake disease would be cured if people actually went to bed earlier and stopped staying up late watching Netflix or browsing social media.

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