What Kind of Seniors Are We?

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What Kind of Seniors Are We?

Sharia Williamson, Senior Editor

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As my senior year comes to a close and the number of remaining school days decrease, the times I ask “is it May 13 yet?” or “can we graduate now?” increases. Like myself, almost every senior graduating this year has an extreme case of senioritis and we are all impatiently awaiting graduation. In May of last year, I wrote the story “What Kind of Senior Will I Be?” and that story is even more relevant now than it was then.

With less than twenty school days left, I find myself rereading that story. In the story, I reflected on the four graduating classes before me and I made it clear that I wanted the class of 2018 to be as fun, carefree, smart, and as motivated as they were, but I also wanted us to leave our own mark on the school. The question is what mark has the class of 2018 left on Alliance High School?

“I think our senior class is hardworking and very determined. For the most part, I feel as though we all know what we want in life! Many of us have set goals for ourselves that we cannot wait to achieve,” senior, Serenity Sterkel, expressed.

Anyone can agree that we are very persistent in all aspects of school, but it is hard to pinpoint an exact “type” to our class. There are quite a few students who excel in sports, while others excel academically. There are also the seniors who excel in fine arts. In the social world of high school, we are at the top. We are the “big bad seniors” and we will hold a conversation with just about anybody. However, those conversations can be both negative and positive. When we converse with one another, it is common for someone to give their opinion on a matter, in which another student disagrees with. Overall, we are a loud class that is not afraid to speak our minds. There are very few of us that don’t openly give their opinions. We can very commonly be seen ganging up with other students who share our views to prove a point, but sometimes it gets so extreme that there is a lot of drama within our class. I will be the first to admit that at times, our class spirals out of control, but it doesn’t take long for us to bounce back once we all have a common interest. For example, graduation.

The end is coming at us like a speeding freight train and it’s not stopping. However, the end of our high school career is bringing our class closer than ever, even after all of the arguments and differences we have had in the past.

Mariah Stewart, expressed her love for her fellow students by stating, “I’m going to miss all of the people I grew up with. I’ve never been to school without these people and now I’ll probably never see half of them again.”

College is a huge change of pace, especially for students who come from a class of about 100 students. When Jaiden Brown was asked how she felt college was going to be different versus highschool, she replied, “I think college will be different just because I won’t know as many people!! I am also excited to get out in the world a little more than I do here!” She continued, “The thing I am most scared of is probably how unfamiliar it’s all going to be. I’ve spent 18 years here with the same people, going to the same buildings almost every year. It’s scary, but it’ll be fun to do something new!”

The relationships students build with one another after 18 years of growing up together, are unbreakable. For some, like KayLee McDonald, it’ll be one of the hardest goodbyes they’ll ever have to say.

“I’ll miss the relationships I’ve built with my friends, teachers and classmates! All the endless memories I’ll treasure forever,” she stated.

As our senior year winds down and everything comes to a close, we will leave Alliance High School in our past, but continue to carry the memories we created together forever. If we truly ended our high school career right and became the seniors we always imagined we would be, the memory of the class of 2018 will forever go on to motivate the underclassmen.


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