A Start to Learning Mental Health

Trinity Quick

The new Mental Health Lunch club meetings are giving students a positive way to learn about their mental health. Mrs. Rosentrater brought this club to the school with the help of Mrs. Willard, with the intention to educate and help the students with their mental health. With the information being provided Mrs. Rosentrater and Mrs. Willard are helping students with their understanding of human behavior and how to interact with others in a productive and positive manner. During the meetings themselves there is a short slide show presentation about the subject of the week. After the slide show the students talk about it and other related topics such as other Mental Health disorders. They will also discuss questions from the previous week if those questions were not answered. Although, the Mental Health Lunch club is new, Mrs. Rosentrater would love to expand with something such as a Mental Health class for high school students. We are looking forward to a great outcome from this new club that anyone can join at any time.