Donation to E-Sports Gaming Club


Trinity Quick

Tanner Blomenkamp made a generous donation to the Alliance High School’s E-Sports gaming club. When it comes to video games Tanner has a close relation to them leading to his reason for donating. As he was growing up, his parents did not see any value in gaming. Although, his household was not a household that plays video games. Due to this his parents never once bought him a gaming system or even a game. This did not deter him as he still really got into gaming when he was stationed in the Cannon Air Force base. While he was stationed he started playing Pub-G with his roommate, this was his escape from long workdays. When Tanner left the Air Force his best friend stayed. They keep in contact through the games they play together no matter what type of game, or where his friend is stationed. 

The reason for Tanner’s generous donation is that he believes that video games have value, especially for the younger generations. “I think it is a really good outlet. Certain video games are a good outlet for kids to decompress and kind of go into a different world. Which I think has its benefits.” Supporting Tanner’s statement,  E-Sports is becoming a legitimate sport; forming more opportunities for gamers. These opportunities can give kids the ability to make money or even get scholarships to a variety of colleges and universities. While also teaching them proper communication skills, and how to utilizing a compass, to vocalizing their whereabouts on the game maps. These games can teach children applicable skills to the real world. 

In a small town like Alliance, it is hard to get support for the E-Sports club, unlike how it is for other sports such as football, basketball, baseball and other traditional sports. He believes that in smaller towns, people view video games in a negative way. While he views the positive sides of video games.

When Tanner was talking to Shelton, his employee, he learned that they were playing on switches. These kinds of gaming systems would help the students go further with their gaming and possibly make it into tournaments. The students being able to make it into tournaments would give them the ability to be seen somewhere and to win something. 

Although one donation can’t get the club everything it needs, it can very well aid in the process.