District Music 2022


Morgan Moomey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, April 20, Alliance High School hosted District Music. Twelve schools traveled to Alliance to compete in the competition. District Music is the biggest music competition that our choirs and bands get to participate in, so the competitors worked hard to prepare their pieces, and earn a superior rating. All AHS choirs and bands competed in the competition and earned several superior ratings- or a point score of I.

The AHS jazz band kicked off their performance that morning with a piece entitled, “Crystal Cove” by Patty Darling. The final piece by the jazz band played was by far the band’s favorite piece, and it is called, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Micheal Sweeney. After playing these pieces, the band was dismissed from the Performing Arts Center stage, and the next school’s jazz band entered. At this point, some people were off to perform solos or duets, but some competitors had downtime until the concert band performance. The jazz band received a score of I from each judge. 

The concert band performed two pieces in the afternoon. “Companion of my Voice” by Randell Standridge was the opening piece. This piece was heartful, and emotional and according to jwpepper.com, drew much “inspiration from the Greek poet Arion.” The other piece they played was quite the opposite. “Encanto” by Robert W. Smith features an “infectious rhythmic section that can allow all bands to sound strong and confident.” The concert band received a score of I from each judge.

In an interview with Matthew Moomey, a sophomore concert and jazz band trumpeter, he stated, “I think we sounded really good. I am happy with both performances.” Moomey also went on to mention that “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was his favorite piece that they played because of the trumpet arrangement that is featured. 

The AHS Velocity choir kicked off the vocalists’ side of the competition. This choir performed a medley of songs from Mama Mia. This choir received the ranking of II from all three judges. Harmonics was the next AHS choir to perform. They performed four songs in total. These songs were “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton, “Happier” by Bastille featuring Marshmello, “Help” by The Beatles and “Invisible” by Jason Robert Brown. Harmonics received two II’s and one I. Mixed choir was the final AHS choir to perform. They sang the songs “Winters on the Wing” by John Leavitt and  “Each and Every One” by Andy Beck. 

On top of the different bands and choirs, there were also several individuals who performed solos or duets at the competition. Moomey was just one of those people. He stated, “Performing a solo at District Music is scary, but you get used to the nerves and you find your focus.” 

Finally, the long day of competition was over, and everyone went home with new reasons to be proud of themselves as musicians and vocalists. The Spud would like to wish a huge congratulations to all of the students who participated in the competition for their hard work and achievement in music.