Amill teaches Ocean Conservancy for FCCLA


Shelbee Burke, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On January 24, 2022, Sophomore Alliance FCCLA member Jonah Amill spoke to two different classes regarding ocean conservancy and what people in the Midwest can do to help with reducing the amount of trash in the ocean. 

Amill began the speech with a Pre-Test about different facts regarding ocean conservancy facts in the United States. This allowed the students to be aware of what they knew prior to this presentation, and nearly all of the students were unaware just how much waste ends up in the ocean. Amill was able to explain that nearly all the air we breathe comes from the ocean, which is why it is vital for us to protect our oceans. 

His main point, that we must keep our oceans healthy and clean not only to protect the marine life who call the ocean their home, but to ensure our own survival as well, was thoroughly explained through his slides and his presentation. He explained the issue with trash in the ocean and how, exactly, so much ends up there. He was also able to provide information on how trash and pollution greatly impacts marine life in a negative way. In order to provide the students he presented to with more information, he included specific studies and statistics on this. 

Amill concluded his speech with specific steps Nebraskans can take to ensure that the ocean is reduced of pollution and trash. Some of these include: recycling, avoiding littering, picking up trash and donating to ocean conservation programs. He concluded his presentation with a post test to see how much knowledge students he presented to had gained.

Through his presentation, Amill was able to educate students on an extremely important topic that affects everyone in the world. Both classes he gave his presentation to expressed that they all learned something new, and that they are now aware that they play a part in protecting the oceans. 

Amill will compete with his project at District FCCLA on Wednesday, January 26 in hopes of qualifying for the State competition, which will be in April. The Spud wishes you the best of luck, and thanks you for bringing awareness to this topic!