Christmas choir concert.


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

This year, on Tuesday, December 14 is the Christmas choir concert.  The concert started at 7:00 p.m in the Alliance High School Performing Arts Center (PAC). Dr. Kloch, the choir teacher, puts on a choir concert every semester.  The first one this semester was our Fall Concert. The second this semester was the Christmas one. The night began with the mixed choir which means it is a mix of both girls and boys, singing at the table. At the table is a song by Mac Huff.  

After that song, the Velocity sang “Grown-up Christmas List” by Greg Gilpin. There were some solos during the song, like Olive Radice and Avenell Soriano. There were also duets, this was done by Avyire Waldorn and Carlie Schneider. Then, was the “Christmas Tree Feud,” the artists of this song are John Jacobson and Cristi Cary Miller. The final song they did in Velocity was “Oh Santa!”, Mike Taylor is the artist of this song. 

In the mixed Choir again, they sang “Jingle Bells Rando”, whose artist is Ruth Morris Gray. After that amazing performance the harmonics came on and they sang Andy Beck’s “Christmas Valentine”, the trio of this song was Gabe Sanders, Mikayla Seebohm, and Vicenta Flood. Then they all sang “Good King Kong Looked Out”, by P.D.Q Bach. Next they sang “The Holiday Tango”, by Greg Gilpin. 

Then there were two songs left, one from the mixed choir, “Theme” from Elf by Daniel Grassi. Then they asked the audience to sing with them and this song was the infamous “Silent Night” by Xavier Gruber. The whole concert was a treat to watch. Thank you Dr. Kloch and to all the choir kids for putting on this concert, and a big thank you for all who came. A huge Merry Christmas to all of you from the SPUD.