Locker and wall decerations.

Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

As the semester nears the end, we are celebrating by decorating our lockers and the teachers’ doors with Christmas spirit. The student council began this to encourage students to participate in school events and activities. 

For locker decorations, first place went to Chloe Mann whose inspiration came from her Aunt. Her aunt took her to the store and got her all the decorations she needed. Mann’s aunt also made a huge bow for Mann’s locker. With the bow and all the wrapping paper she decided to do a present. Mann says all the credit should go to her aunt. She said it really wouldn’t look or be the same without her aunt.

Second place went to Caylee Loomis. She had no inspiration; she just wanted her locker to entertain, and it does. She printed out a bunch of memes and put them all over her locker. She just wanted to be unique and do something different that no one is doing. She was super grateful for this opportunity.

Third place went to Kailie Stone, who was going to simply put lights up on her locker but then got inspired by her friend who is always making her origami butterflies. So, she put the butterflies on the lights and taped them to her locker. Then her brother printed out a Santa head and she taped that up as well. Stone is very grateful for everyone who helped her with the long process, and for even getting the opportunity for showing her creativeness. 

Fourth place went to Ayvrie Waldron, who hung Christmas lights and a sign saying Merry Christmas on her locker. She brought up that she loves Christmas so much that she was overjoyed to hear about the contest. When it hits December, she is full of cheer. She is glad she just got to participate in the competition. 

Thank you everyone who participated in the door decorating contest. Even if only a few participated,we are still grateful for those who did! To those who didn’t, we hope you will next year! It is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and to show everyone your creativity. I hope all of you have a great break and happy holidays! Be listening for the door decoration contests winners. They should be coming out as soon as Friday at 10:00 a.m .