Holidays here for the foreign exchange students


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

The holiday season is coming up and for the forgein exchange students this is their first year celebrating the holidays in America. So we asked them about how different their holiday traditions were from ours.  Mats Albrecht explained this would be his first time celebrating Thanksgiving, so he was very excited, mostly for the food.

Annika Fuchs said she was excited for Thanksgiving and how she heard it was super big here.  She also talked about how she celebrates Christmas in Germany and how her family and many other families go to church to see a play about the story of Christmas. They also decorate a tree and then go home and wait for Christkind who is like a German Santa Christkind is  an angel with blonde hair and wings who is depicted as a female who brings gifts to families on Christmas Eve.  Christkind originated in the 16th and 17th century when Martin Luther wanted to de-emphasize the cathlioc celebration of Saint Nicholas on December so he invented Christkind for the Protestant.  

Then they eat a lot because before Christmas they fast. It is a Christmas tradition where you have to fast from St Martin’s Day, which is November 11 till Christmas December 24. They usually only ate fish for that was a traditional fasting meal. In Germany there is usually a Christmas market held from the first week in December till Christmas. There you can find a large variety of food and sweets. 

Mats and Annika both said how they also celebrate Easter in Germany. Annika’s favorite holiday in America is Thanksgiving because they do not celebrate it in Germany. Mat’s favorite holiday in America is the Fourth of July.  We wish you all had or have a great holiday season with or without your family.