Veterans Day Program 2021


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

Veterans Day occurs on  November 11. Alliance High School celebrates it by bringing in veterans and the student body community who have served our country. They come and talk to all of the AHS students about their experience. This year, there were several people who came and spoke to us about Veterans Day. We had Tyler Sherlock and Seth McLaughlin who are veterans that now work for the Alliance Police Department. We also had Manuel and Rose Vasquez who came in and communicated with the students about what they did in the Army. They also talked  about their sons and how they served in the military as well. 

Those guests explained  why we should go into the military and the struggles they had to face. The Vasquezes included what it was like losing a child in the Navy.  His name was Louise Vasques and he passed away in 2010, “It was really a blow to the school ten years ago for Lousie, who graduated from AHS. The parents wanted people to remember him. This was a way for people who were in kindergarten and first grade to hear that story,” said Mr. Michael Baker.

 The veterans from the American Legion executed the posting of the colors. Then, our Alliance High School band played the National Anthem. After that, Mr. George Clear honored our veterans by asking them to stand when their era was called. Next, our class president, Shelbee Burke, read a speech about the history of Veterans Day and how it gets confused with Memorial Day. Then, of course we have our first two speakers, Sherlock and Mclaughlin.

Following that, the AHS choir sang Armed Forces The Pride of America. Afterwards,  the last two speakers Mrs. and Mr. Vazquez spoke. Finally, a Quilt of valor Ceremony occurred. Both Mr. And Mrs. Vasquez, as well as Seth McLaughlin received this ceremonial quilt The Quilt of Valor is a quilt to honor all veterans and their contributors to our country. Mr. Baker exclaimed, “The whole point is for us to remember we can be easily thrown off because our country isn’t being threatened. It’s easy to forget what the veterans really do for us. It’s really important  to just pause for an hour and remember the sacrifice those men and women do for us and our country.”  Thank you veterans who serve and served our country to make it what it is today!