Favorite Trick or Treat Candy


Makayla Goss, Staff Writer

As this year’s spooky season comes to an end, I sent out a survey asking the staff of Alliance High School what their favorite trick or treat candy is. I asked what their favourite type of chocolate was and gave them options of Reese’s, Hersheys, Snickers, Almond Joy, Kit Kat, Milk Duds, M&M, Twix, and Three Musketeers. The top vote was Reese’s which won at 36% or a vote of 15 people out of the 41 who voted. Reese’s was invented by H.B. Reese who was an employee at the Hershey company. He was just making candy in the basement of his home when he invented the first ever Reese’s Peanut butter cup, which was in 1928.

  The next question asked was what their favorite gummy was, I gave them a list which included: Laffy Taffy, Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Dots, Air Head, Swedish Fish, Mike and Ikes, Hi Chews, and Cinnamon Bears. The most voted gummy candy was Skittles, which won by 22% or 9 people voting it out of the 41 responses. Skittles were first made in 1974 by a British company. They were named after the sport Skittles which is similar to bowling but the color of the pins are the colors of the rainbow.  

The final question was what their favorite non-chocolate or non-gummy candy was. Their options were, Tootsie Roll, Jolly Ranchers, Candy Corn, Smarties, and  Fun Dip. The most liked candy was Tootsie Roll. Tootsie Roll won with 22% or 10 people voting it out of the 38  who voted.  Tootsie Rolls was invented by Leo Hirachiend in 1907. He named the candy after a nickname he had for his daughter. Leo Hirachiend trademarked the texture of the tootsie candy so there will always be only one Tootsie candy.

Do you agree with their choices? If not, what would you choose?