Stepping Out of Her Element


Morgan Moomey, Jr. Editor

Ms. Laura Schroer is a well known face in the halls of AHS. Even if you haven’t had her as a teacher, chances are that you have at least walked past her delightful self at the top of senior hallway. Or, maybe you have had her as your Academic Decathlon advisor. Either way, everyone at AHS knows who Ms. Schroer is. Unfortunately, the 2020-21 school year is Ms. Schroer’s 26th, and final year of teaching at Alliance High School. 

For the past 26 years, Schroer has been teaching in the science department. She has taught a variety of science subjects. From Earth science to biology, she has taught it all. That being said, she actually got her degree in physical education along with science teaching, specifically physics and Earth science. Schroer explained that she “was able to do both because all of my teaching jobs had been in science, but I’ve also done coaching.” Schroer has coached volleyball at AHS in the past. 

Schroer then explained that her favorite subject that she has taught has been physics because “the activities actually work,” she said with a chuckle, “sometimes in chemistry you have contamination, and it throws everything off.” When asked what her favorite and least favorite part of teaching is, Schroer replied, “My favorite part has been actually watching the students in their activities outside of the classroom, whether it’s sports, drama or music. My least favorite part is all the paperwork.” 

“My best memories are when the kids come back after they have gone to college and they realize that what they did in high school was helpful, and that they are having such a good time in college,” said Schroer. She also stated that she doesn’t have any big plans for retirement. “I’m going to travel to see family. Since COVID-19 has shut everything down, I haven’t seen some people for a couple of years.” Lastly, Schroer mentioned that she wouldn’t change anything about her career at AHS. 

AHS was lucky to have had Ms. Schroer on the staff for the last 26 years. The SPUD would like to wish her all the best in retirement. Thank you for all you have done Ms. Schroer. You will be missed!