Discontinuing Online Classes


Karly Wangler, Staff Writer

Last semester at Alliance High School, taking online classes due to Covid-19 was an option for students to do. Since masks are not mandated at the high school, many students felt safer in their own homes giving them a lower chance to be exposed to the virus. Now that the new year is here and the next semester starts along with it, the school board has taken away the choice of taking online classes instead of coming to school. Students who have a medical concern within themselves or live with someone that does are still allowed to take online classes, because it could put them or others at a higher risk of catching Covid-19. Students have to have a doctor’s note to be able to take the online classes. Due to this change, many students are unhappy that they have to attend school again and possibly risk their health or others.

In a survey sent out to students who chose to take online classes last semester, all respondents replied that if given the option to take online classes again this semester, they would. When asked why they chose to take online classes last semester, one student responded, “I was trying to decrease the chance of getting sick.” Another student added, “I felt significantly safer, and I also felt it was a better learning environment for me.” A lot of students work in areas with high risk patients, and going to school could affect their career. One student stated, “I work with high risk patients at Highland Park Care Center, and I did not want to put them at risk.” There are many factors that play into why a student would rather take their classes at home.

Some students have some negative feelings about not being allowed to continue classes at home. When asked how they felt about the school taking away the chance to take online classes, one student responded, “I think it’s stupid. I feel like the new option is beneficial for the kids who want to be at school, but for the kids who do not need to be there, they shouldn’t. It increases the chance of us getting sick and bringing it home to our families, who might not be able to take the time off if they were to get sick. Then, they could possibly be taking it to work and infecting people at their job.” Another student felt very strongly about having the option taken away. The respondent stated, “I think that it was the most idiotic thing they could do. In the middle of a pandemic, with no end in sight they think we should go back to school… The fact that we cannot have a choice to keep ourselves safe is utterly disgusting…” The school has made a choice that appears to be very aggravating to many students.

Those who are no longer able to take online classes due to the new rules have said they will all be wearing masks throughout the day at school. Everyone is doing their best to stay safe and lower the cases of Covid-19. Through the cooperation of students and the school, hopefully everyone can stay safe and be happy with the outcome of the new change in classes soon!