One Act 2020


Morgan Moomey, Jr. Editor

One of the many activities that occur at AHS is One Act Play. One Act play performances  are 15-30 minutes long, and the set is assembled and disassembled right in front of the judges. Like other NSAA sports and activities, there are conference tournaments, district tournaments and state tournaments.         

Mrs. Mary Theresa Green is the AHS One Act director. In an interview, Green explained that, “The show is titled “Nerdbullies and Other Strange Creatures,” written by Don Zolidis.

It is a short comedy that explores different types of bullying that might not occur to people (video game nerd bullies, Mom bullies, etc).  The basic point is that bullying takes many forms and happens everywhere in the world, and at any age.  It has a basic lesson to not become a bully.” Some of her goals for the actors this season “…are for the newcomers to learn some basic acting skills, and for the veterans to improve their acting skills, and that all students in the cast and crew have fun performing and learning about theatre.” 

Of course, with Covid affecting every activity that goes on at the highschool, there are some new precautions that are taken into consideration this year. Green stated, “cast members are allowed only four family members to attend, and we must mask up at all times when we are competing at other schools for Western Conference and Districts.” Even with the precautions, Green said, “I am just excited that we are allowed to perform it at all this year, since so many fine arts performances have been cancelled due to Covid concerns.” Also because of Covid, there are less performances of the play. “The key difference this year is simply that there are not too many performances – I know that the cast is disappointed that we cannot have a school matinee this year.”

On November 14, the Alliance One-Act team competed in the Western Conference One-Act competition in Gering. They earned two Superior ratings and one Excellent rating by the three judges, and were ranked fourth place. Four cast members received Outstanding Performer Awards. These cast members were Sierra Banks, Christian Soriano, Mario Rodriguez, and McKenna Ruffing. 

With Covid affecting every sport and activity, everyone is grateful that there is a One-Act season at all. The SPUD wishes all of the One Act cast good luck on the rest of their season!