How to stay safe on Thanksgiving


Ariale Hindman, Staff writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday where we are thankful. In less than a week, it’s going to be Thanksgiving Day. Usually, families and loved ones get together and celebrate Thanksgiving. Since COVID-19 has been around, many countries have enforced curfews or lockdowns. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday that people gather, COVID-19 is throwing a curveball in the plans of people all around the world. A lot of families may not want people to come to their houses because they are afraid that COVID-19 might be spread. 

The coronavirus has added a lot of stress to people’s lives for many reasons. Many people are losing their jobs, and throwing gatherings can make it susceptible for you to catch Covid-19. There are several ways of spreading Covid-19, so we should all be careful. 

Some ways to be safe on Thanksgiving is celebrating virtually with your family, so that you can have a lower risk at getting Covid-19. Another way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask when you are within six feet of others. If you are going to throw a gathering try to do it outside and try to social distance. If you are going to throw an indoor gathering, it is best to only invite your immediate family or people that you are around often. When inviting people from out of town, make sure that they are healthy before travelling.

I then interviewed McKenna Ruffing, who is a junior at AHS. When asked, since Covid-19 has been around do you have any tips on staying safe during Thanksgiving? Ruffing stated, “If you are going to a large gathering with your family, it might be best to wear a mask around them. Especially if some of them are out of town. If traveling out of town for Thanksgiving, make sure to wear a mask and sanitize. Anyone you come across while at a gas station, restaurant, or store could have Covid-19.” Then I asked, are you going to be celebrating Thanksgiving any different because of Covid-19? Ruffing responded, “Well, this year my family and I were supposed to go to our cousin’s house in town. Sadly though someone in my family tested positive, and we’re all in quarantined. It won’t be too different from the past Thanksgiving though. We’ll probably FaceTime our family and play some games.” 

I also interviewed Sara Zadora, who is a sophomore at AHS. When asked, since Covid-19 has been out are you celebrating Thanksgiving differently than you usually do? Zadora explained, “Yes, since there is Covid-19 going around and my family and I are trying to avoid the chance of getting Covid-19. My parents and I decided just to do our own Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves.” When asked if she was going to do Thanksgiving virtually, Zadora responded, “No, we will not be virtually talking with our family. And if I were to give anybody tips on how to stay safe for Thanksgiving is to make sure you wear your mask outside. So you won’t catch it Covid-19, and bring it to your family. Also make sure nobody in your family has Covid-19 that might be going to your Thanksgiving dinner.”

In conclusion, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we’re supposed to gather as family. Covid-19 is making it stressful for a lot of people. If you aren’t close to your family you should at least tell them happy Thanksgiving, it might make their day. The SPUD wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving!