A Different Musical Preview

A Different Musical Preview

Morgan Moomey, Staff Writer

With the cancellation of most spring sports and activities also comes the cancellation of the Alliance High School musical. This year’s cast would have consisted of five seniors, ready to give their all in their last performance. 

One of five seniors is Aubrey Garrett. Garrett has been in musical for all four years of her high school career. Due to the cancellation of the school musical because of the Coronavirus, Garrett is “severely upset. It really hurts because in musical they go by seniority. I participated all four years and was super excited to be the co-lead with Mareesa this year. I had the title song and everything. It broke my heart when I found out.” Garrett said, “I wish that the cast could’ve gotten past the prep stage. It always gets more fun when we do set building and costumes and get on stage. We never got to get this [this year].” Garrett’s message to underclassmen is “Do not get discouraged. You will not receive a big part your first few years, but it’s still super fun! Chorus parts are super important to how the scenes and plot work and the leads could never make it work by themselves. Step out of your comfort zone and belt those parts or nail that choreography. It’s so much fun when you fall into your character and develop it based on how you think they should be. But most of all…break a leg!”

Mareesa Buskirk is another four-year musical member. “I understand it 100%. It definitely sucks, and sometimes I feel like my hard work was taken away from me, but I have to understand what the circumstances are, and be grateful for the time I had,” states Buskirk when asked about her feelings about the cancellation of the musical. She stated, “I definitely wish I would have appreciated practice more. If I would have known it was my last practice I would have made the most out of it, but everything was so in question so I really had no idea. I also wish I would have appreciated and got to know the people I didn’t know a little bit more.” Buskirk’s message to underclassmen is, “Be patient. It’s easy to discourage yourself, especially because acting is tough. Musical practice can be exhausting, but it’s all worth it in the end. I wish I would have been able to spend more time with some of the underclassmen, and gotten to show them what leadership looks like. It’s an amazing experience to be a part of, and the environment during the last couple weeks of practice is amazing. I hope you all stick with it, especially the freshmen that weren’t able to experience it this year.” 

Caleb Garcia, a four-year musical member, states, “The cancellation of the musical has definitely hit hard. The idea that this chapter in my life for musical and even choir is just over really makes me wish I appreciated every practice or rehearsal.” Garcia stated that “I wish I would’ve appreciated my fellow actors more. They are all amazing actors and they motivated me to be an even better actor, but with it ending and me leaving for college I don’t know if I get to ever see them or hang out with them again and that hurts.” Garcia’s message to underclassmen is, “Treat every day like it could be your last and never let yourself get down. High school is too short to be sad or angry with anything. Love the people around you, the people in your classes, and love your teachers because once high school is over, you won’t see them much if at all.” 

Kel Underwood is a two-year musical member. Underwood states, “It really sucks knowing that for our last musical the whole Coronavirus was blown way out of proportion.” When asked what he would have appreciated more, Underwood replied, “ I wish I would’ve appreciated the amount of work and dedication put into this musical.” Underwood’s message for underclassmen is, “ Enjoy the little things cause you don’t know when you’ll have the chance again.”

Brianna Krebs is a three-year musical member. Krebs states, “ I understand why they would cancel the musical, but including my own health and the health of others, it is the safest way. I just wish this didn’t happen during my senior year.” Krebs said, “I wish I had appreciated spending time with the entire cast, and not miss any practices.” Krebs’s message to underclassmen is, “To enjoy musical, because the memories you make in musical, no matter what happens, you will cherish forever.”

Our hearts go out to any senior that had an event canceled due to the Coronavirus. Stay strong class of 2020!